For those in the New England/Seacoast area who haven't already checked it out, my work is part of Everything Illuminated at the incredible Drift Gallery in Portsmouth, NH. The show features 2 other painters, Timothy Wilson and Kate Doyle, whose work is well worth seeing. It's a show that looks at landscapes in 3 unique ways and, as the title suggests, takes a great interest in light.

In this show, my work is a personal experience of the landscape, drawing from past and present surroundings. Occasionally and often just in the back of my mind, I find myself in instances of great appreciation and content for the moments happening around me. As a response, I paint to recreate these moments and to find them in new ways. In a fight to reclaim this fast-fading inspiration, I often to turn to invention, relying on memories and whims to fill in the blanks left. I take something existing, in memory, in observation, or in both, and cast it in a new and personal light. 

Everything Illuminated opened to the public on June 13th and will be on display until July 26th. For more information, go to: www.drift-gallery.com/2015-exhibitions